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About Scarlet Tie Books…


When I decided to move into graphic (illustrated) fiction I faced a major stumbling block.  There were no publishers of GLBT contemporary fiction who published graphic novels.  This meant I either had to relinquish the digital rights to my books and not publish graphic eBooks, or I had to self-publish to retain those digital rights.  For authors/artists of illustrated GLBT fiction there is a major problem in finding a publisher willing to take graphic submissions.  As far as I know, there is only one and their focus is on science fiction.

This was the basis for my decision to register the business name ‘Scarlet Tie Books’ so I could purchase ISBN numbers under that name. I had a few books near the end of their contract with Torquere Press and, when I re-released them, I wanted a specific label on the books.  Especially on the print versions.  This was also the case for providing ISBN numbers for any new work I wanted to publish. Therefore, Scarlet Tie Books was originally a private label intended for my use.

To clear up any confusion the owner of Scarlet Tie Books is listed under another name.  My real name.  To have listed the owner as Zathyn Priest would be fraudulent as it is a writing pseudonym. To be perfectly honest, I would much rather my real name wasn’t public knowledge, however I am not prepared to make a fraudulent claim on the website.

Only after I registered the business for my personal use did I consider offering an avenue of publication for other writer/artists who haven’t been able to find representation for GLBT graphic fiction anywhere else.  I was then asked by a few other writer friends if I would consider their submissions for the Scarlet Tie Books label.  I thought about this for a while and decided, yes, I will open the doors to other writers.  There was/is a gap in the market and I felt I could help close it.

Scarlet Tie is completely funded by me.  Those helping me with it are doing so on a voluntary basis. Any author who may wish to be published under the label will never be asked to part with money.  This venture will remain a small press as my aim is not to amass a large author list but to provide a positive experience for authors and for readers. I do not have misguided dreams of becoming a publishing mogul.  That is not my purpose with Scarlet Tie Books and never will be.

I have been a writer in the m/m fiction genre since 2008. Prior to that time I worked as a manuscript appraiser for two years before deciding to concentrate solely on my own writing. I believe my reputation speaks for itself both as an author and as an individual. I have always strived to show respect to other writers, to my readers, and to people in general. I work hard, I’m a perfectionist, and I love what I do.

Scarlet Tie Books is open for submissions to any author who may be interested. I am not advertising the website anywhere, I am not pushing for submissions, and I have decided to not actively recruit authors.  There will be a forum and chat room open for people to join, and I will talk about that side of Scarlet Tie in the near future, but it is a community place for those who enjoy GLBT fiction to socialise and not a place to advertise publishing.

The bottom line is this:

* Scarlet Tie Books was born to provide me with a label to publish my graphic fiction.  It was then opened up to few author friends as an avenue to publish their fiction.  It is now open to any writer who may want to submit a manuscript for consideration.

* It is fully funded by me.

* It is intended to remain a small press.

* Any author published with the Scarlet Tie Books label will retain the right to remove their book/s from the catalogue at any time and go elsewhere if they so wish.

* I am not actively advertising for submissions to Scarlet Tie Books.  The website is there for information purposes should people wish to take a look.

* I am offering the Scarlet Tie Books label to authors who may want to join us and not pressuring those who don’t.

* And lastly – This is the first and final time I will discuss the matter on my Blogs under my writing pseudonym.  Any questions or inquiries can be emailed to me via the contact details on the Scarlet Tie Books website.  My goal with Scarlet Tie is to assist writers who may not be able to find representation elsewhere.  For ex: Graphic fiction.  This assistance is not being forced upon anyone and is there as another publication option.

I’m going to leave the explanation there and, as I said, won’t mention it on my Blogs again.


Congratulations on such an exciting venture!